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Cheat Saints Row The Third PC


To use these cheats press the select button to open your phone, then open the "Extras" icon, then "Cheats." Once you enter a cheat it will be saved in your phone. Using a cheat will disable achievements, trophies, and autosaves.
Behold the world of drunken mascots, wrought by cheat codes!
Cheat Code
Give Cash ($100,00) cheese
Weapons letsrock
One-hit kills goldengun
Infinite sprint runfast
No vehicle damage vroom
Repair car repaircar
Add respect whatitmeanstome
Add police notoriety pissoffpigs
No cop notoriety goodygoody
Add gang notoriety lolz
No gang notoriety oops
Bloody Mess notrated
Heaven Bound (anyone who dies floats up) fryhole
Vehicle Smash isquishyou
Specter hover bike givespecter
F69 Vtol givevtol
Saints helicopter givevulture
Vortex (race car) givevortex
Air Strike giveairstrike
Apocafists giveapoca
AS3 Ultimax Shotgun giveultimax
Chainsaw givechainsaw
Cyber Blaster givecybersmg
Cyberdestructor givecyber
Drone givedrone
Electric Grenade giveelectric
Grenade givegrenade
Hammer givehammer
K-8 Krukov givekrukov
Kobra Ka-1 givekobra
McManus 2015 (sniper rifle) givesniper
Minigun giveminigun
Molotov givemolotov
Nocturne (sword) givesword
RPG giverpg
Satchel Charges givesatchel
Shock Hammer giverocket
Tek Z-10 givetek
The Penetrator givedildo
Viper Laser Rifle giveslm8
Drunk Pedestrians dui
All pedestrians are mascots mascot
Pimps and Hos - All pedestrians are pimps and prostitutes hohoho
Pedestrians are zombies brains
Sunny weather clearskies
Cloudy weather overcast
Rainy weather lightrain
Very rainy weather heavyrain

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