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Cheat, tips & tricks Ghost Recon 2 for PS 2

God Mode

Pause the game and press L1, R2, L2, R1, SELECT. This only applies to the character that you have selected; your other teammates can be killed.

Unlock All Special Features
Cheat code: L1, L2, R1, R2, X, Select
Cheat code: L1, R2, L2, R1, Select
Note: This code is entered during the game, while on the 'pause' screen.

Unlockable Gameplay Modes

The following gameplay modes can be unlocked in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. Certain criteria will have to be met for these modes to be unlocked. Here are the modes and the conditions you need to have in order to unlock them.
Chicken Mode
Complete Mission 06 in Firefight on Elite using only one Rifleman with the M16/M203 kit.
Helium Mode
Complete Mission 13 in Firefight on Elite with a full team, and do not lose a soldier.
MegaNoggin Mode
Complete Mission 01 in Firefight on Elite, using only one Demolitions Expert with the M4 and M136 kit.
Paper Mode
Complete Mission 15 in Recon on Elite using only one Sniper with the M24 and frags kit.
Slow Mo Mode
Complete Mission 07 in Recon on Elite using only one Rifleman with M16/M203 kit.

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